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What we do

Your tropical vacation is not complete without a sizzling hot night out in the Caribbean. We believe that a truly fulfilled life is a collection of breath-taking, memorable experiences. The intoxicating music, dance, and party vibe in the Caribbean is sure to steal your breath, and leave you with memories you will never forget. Our private Nightlife Excursions are designed to create a secure and safe party experience, so you can have an extraordinary night out.

A Note from the Owners

We love to travel and some of our most incredible memories have been made in the hazy heat of the Caribbean.  Caribbean Dreams was born of our love of sand, sea, culture, rum, music and dancing. We hope to share our wonderful Caribbean experiences with others, and help them get the most out of their tropical vacations.

We have secured lasting partnerships with first-class tour operators that have two feet in the local music, dance, and arts community. Your fully trained and licensed tour guides will bring you out for a night that could easily be one of the most memorable of your life!

Our Local Partners

TOURWISE JAMAICA – Ocho Rios, St Ann, Jamaica

COLONIAL TOUR & TRAVEL – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


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Caribbean Dreams creates the most memorable vacation experiences with safe and custom nightlife excursions that exceed all expectations.
Your tropical vacation just got hotter!