Cuba will enchant and excite your senses after dark

The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba is truly larger than life. Sugar white beaches and aromatic cigars are only a few of the special treats the country has to offer. Vacationers often come to Cuba just for the nightlife experience, so get ready to head off the resort for a beach party in the warm sand, or an after-dark celebration sure to be the highlight of your trip.  

Sip a daiquiri after a long day at the beach, and end the night with an infinite stream of mojitos and pina coladas at a range of venues. Dancing is optional, but you won’t want to miss out on the hip-shaking beats of salsa, reggaeton, and conga music. This is the perfect place to nab a salsa lesson from the best of the best!

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This is by far the most popular destination in Cuba for travellers. Cuba is famous for its stunning beaches and Varadero is considered its crown jewel. The area’s sandy beaches and turquoise waters are something most of the city’s all-inclusive resorts have in common. Whether they offer beachside rooms or luxurious five-star accommodations, they all benefit from scenic Caribbean views and propose a wide variety of activities and fun-filled excursions. Nightlife in Varadero is geared primarily towards visitors and vacationers, but most clubs welcome a diverse clientele consisting of both Cubans and international travellers. Bar-hopping may be hard to do on your own since nightlife establishments tend to be quite spread out along the narrow peninsula, so let Caribbean Dreams take you on a nightlife tour and explore the best Varadero has to offer.

The Revolution may have curbed the excesses of the Fabulous Cuban Fifties, but Havana's brand of rum-fuelled hedonism still lures mega stars and tourists to its vibrant clubs and bars. Make this vibrant city your home base while on vacation or visit it while staying in Varadero. Another great option is to split your stay between Varadero and Havana which is a very popular choice and will be the best of both worlds. The city’s colourful buildings and more colourful people will brighten your smile. The streets of Havana are blissfully absent of billboards, franchise restaurants and corner stores. Normalizing relations with the United States and a gradual shift in policy has allowed Cubans to open private businesses, but don't expect to see any big box chains or mega malls just yet. You will find garages refurbished as barber shops, front porches selling crafts, and fresh coconut cocktails on the side of the road. Small business is booming. Havana seems untouched by American influence, with the exception of the vintage pre-1959 cars rolling around, looking far too good for their age. The fact that these golden-age cars are still humming is a testament to Cuban ingenuity. With limited access to goods the developed world takes for granted, Cubans preserve Havana in any way they can, giving the city a spectacular mosaic feel.

Weekly Nightlife Suggestions

Cuevos Los Pirates (The Pirate Cave) on Monday for an evening with a rowdy music and dance show, swiftly followed by a night-long dance party for all who wish to stay and is well worth the visit.

Come dance under the Cuban stars at La Comparsita on Tuesday night, its an awesome experience. This place often fills up with professional dancers, with spacious outdoor areas, a great selection of Latin beats and an incomparable atmosphere.

Start your Wednesday night off at Calle 62, at night part of the road leading up to the establishment is closed off to traffic and gets turned into a dance floor, which hosts live music shows and invites professional dancers to get the crowd going for the night. Then later La Rumba is perhaps one of the town's best venues for a hot and steamy night out dancing.

The fabulous Tropicana De Matanzas is widely recognized as one of the best shows in town. They offer a show similar to the world famous Tropicana in Havana, with choreography and costumes with the glamour of the 1950's. Come for a delicious dinner and spectacular show, then afterwards this venue transforms into a cool nightclub. The Havana Cafe has a nightly cabaret and review show that is top-notch, with a crack band laying down smooth Cuban rhythms. When the show ends, the circular sunken dance floor is one of the more sizzling discos in town.

Most visitors to Varadero find their way to the La Bamba Disco during their stay and no better night to go than Friday.

Tropicana Matanzas is the place to go on a Saturday night. It offers a show similar to the world famous Tropicana in Havana, with choreography and costumes with the glamour of the 1950's. Also Sala de la Música la Marina’s two floor bar disco show and stage for live concerts hosting some of the most prestigious Cuban bands and musicians, every Saturday night.

The place to be on Sundays is one of Varadero's favourite nightlife venues, the Havana Club, which hosts great Sunday night parties.

Start off the week at Submarino Amarillo for a little Beatles flair then try the Live jazz concert at Jazz Club la Zorra El Cuervo, just walk through the British red phone box.

Start your evening at El Floridita bar, home of the daiquiri or another of Hemmingways favourite haunts for their world famous mojito’s at La Bodeguita del Medio. Finish your evening at Torquino with steamy Hot latin music and a gorgeous panoramic view of Havana.

Your best bet on Wednesday night is La Casa Di Musica, the big names play here, from Bamboleo to Los Van Van. The Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center is also a good bet on Wednesdays, the coolest musicians play here for fun like Sintesis, David Torrens, Qba Libre, Polito Ibáñez, Interactivo and Raul Paz.

El Floridita bar is a great choice on a thursday night or Salseandro Chevere and learn some latin dance moves from their expert instructors.

Cuba’s answer to the Hard Rock Cafe, The Habana cafe is a must-visit or try the very popular El Diablo Tun Tun Piano Bar where they play all genres of music and frequented by some of the most popular musicians in Cuba.

The one, the only Tropicana, with scantily clad señoritas descending from palm trees to dance Latin salsa or try Casa de la Musica, one of Cuba's best and most popular nightclubs and live-music venues. All the big names play here, from Bamboleo to Los Van Van. Also La Cecilia, which is currently the most popular disco in Havana and is one of the city’s largest outdoor music venues where some of the most popular bands in Cuba regularly perform and attracts thousands of people.

The best night is Sunday at Club 1830 for live salsa, or Sarao’s for a live show in their upscale exclusive club.