Dive into the vibrant nightlife with a Private Nightlife Tour

The Dominican Republic nightlife experience is one that engages every sense in your body. From the sounds of gentle, rolling waves, to the constant hip-swaying Merengue dances, to the heady scent of rum and tobacco, the Dominican Republic will enchant and excite your senses after dark.

The last thing you want to do on a tropical vacation in the Dominican Republic is stay in your hotel or resort and miss out on all the local cultural flair of an amazing night out. Even a night spent simply watching the fantastic Merengue dancers in local clubs is a night you’ll remember forever. Adventurous party-goers can join the fun, and whatever you do, don’t be too shy to ask the locals for a dance – you won’t regret it!

So sit back with a rum and coke – the official local drink – and enjoy all the sights, sound, and tastes Dominican nightlife has to offer.

Private Custom Nightlife Tour $199.00 USD

Your Nightlife Tour Guide will stay with you for the entire evening, guiding you to the best venues and offering local insight into the incredible culture, food, music, and dance offered in the Dominican Republic. You’ll get preferential treatment at the hottest clubs and restaurants, and a customized experience that allows you to club hop to your heart’s desire. Kick up your heels, let your hair down, and let us handle all the details!

We’ll pick you up in front of your resort at 9 pm, and make sure you are safely returned to your resort by 2 am.  All private Nightlife Excursions are offered with special online pricing of $199.00 USD for a party of two. Additional party members are just $25.00 USD each.  You won’t pay any extra for transportation, local expertise, and total security.  Enjoy the best night of your life in a tropical paradise.

*Our excursions can accommodate groups of any size.

*The minimum age for all Nightlife Excursions is 18.

*Cover charges and entrance fees are not included.

Known by locals across the island for its vibrant nightlife, Santo Domingo after dark has a magical energy and enticing vibe that caters to any taste. As the Dominican’s largest city (including the beach town of Boca Chica), there’s no shortage of menu options for your night out, from sidewalk bistros on romantic cobblestone streets, to pumping and pounding parties that outlast the moonlight.

There are two main hotspots for nightlife in Santo Domingo. The Zona Colonia is a hit with tourists on the weekends, but for more down-to-earth partying during the weekdays, you’ll want to head to Venezuela Avenue with the locals. No matter where you end up, you won’t be able to resist staying out well past dark, and the memories you take home from this incredible city are sure to last a lifetime!

Punta Cana is a world-renowned destination, and the most popular vacation oasis among the tropical islands of the Caribbean. It’s not only the gorgeous sunshine-kissed beaches that will draw you in, though; the starry nightlife here is so spectacular and varied, you won’t want to risk missing out on an incredible night by staying in your resort.

From mid-afternoon to early morning, there’s always something new to experience, and a variety of flavors to sample from. Make a list, because you’re going to want to hit as many of these incredible Punta Cana nightlife destinations as you can! Or better yet, feel free to ask your tour guide to take you on a completely one-of-a-kind tour tailored to the night of the week.


The North Coast of the Dominican Republic truly comes to life after the sun goes down. Lively Latin rhythms and Las Vegas-style entertainment mingle to make this a must-stop for anyone visiting Puerto Plata, or the nearby beach towns of Cabarete and Sosua. Merengue is the soundtrack for North Coast life, with a subtle but energetic blend of African and Caribbean origins.

Feeling lucky? With a range of casinos and games to try your hand at, this is the perfect place to test your luck. While authentic hangouts abound, those seeking a more Western-style experience can easily find clubs and bars offering live entertainment and dancing with a familiar flair. The official flavors of the night are refreshing Presidente beer and exotic rum, which will have your hips moving to the beat in no time!

From quiet and cozy hangouts, to bustling bars and nightclubs (and everything in between!), Las Terrenas and Samana are at the forefront of Dominican nightlife. You’ll easily find locals and tourists mingling and bonding over drinks, and sharing the greatest salsa, house, and merengue moves on the dance floor. The nightlife here is action-packed and ever-changing, so you’ll never experience the same night twice!

An event you won’t want to miss out on during the weekend is the “Mercado de la Noche”, or “Night Market.” So much more than a shopping experience, the Dominican Night Market is a tropical street festival held under the Caribbean stars. Vendors selling food, liquor, and wares attract a lively crowd, enhanced by spontaneous music and dancing in the streets. Linger until the sun comes up, and fall into bed with a smile on your face!


Weekly Nightlife Suggestions

Not your typical Monday night event, Jet Set Club’s Bachata Night is outrageously popular. Live bachata music will have you moving to the beat at Jet Set, where you can party like it’s Saturday!

Latin Dance Nights at the Hard Rock Café will show you how to move to the beat, Latin-style. Salsa and merengue your way through the evening, and chill out on the rooftop terrace under the stars.

Midweek drink specials at Onno’s will get you through hump day with a little more glamour than your average weeknight. Frozen drinks at 75 Grados Bar are incredible any night of the week, but they’re half price on Jarra Wednesdays! Or, if you’re feeling more in the mood for a Cuba Libre, you can head to Onno’s for amazing specials!

Get your gambling shoes on at Atlantis World Casino to start the night off right. If you’re in the mood to mix and mingle after a few drinks and wins, Onno’s hosts Ladies Night on Thursdays!

Get bar-hopping, because Santo Domingo heats up for the weekend starting on Thursdays. Platinum Disco Club and Euphoria Bar & Lounge cater to the ladies on Thursdays, while Boca Chica hosts a not-to-be-missed street party.

Saturdays are reserved for the best in salsa and merengue music and dancing at Kviar Lounge & Casino, the most exclusive bar in the city. For some glitz, glam, and amazing selfies, head to LA Guacara Taina (“The Cave”) for an awesome scene.

Sundays are high energy at Bar Parada 77, where everyone heads after the outdoor Bonve concert. Ask your tour guide to help you find your way with the crowds, and keep your Sundays rocking all night!

Every night of the week is a drinking night at… Drink Point! This bar is packed all week long, and it’s not surprising. Visit on a Monday for a great mix of merengue, R&B, hip hop, and of course, all the local hits. With a distinctly local flair, you just can’t go wrong with Drink Point!

Tuesday nights are perfect for sampling from some of the most popular Punta Cana hotspots. Try your luck at the tables at the Hard Rock Café & Casino, or check out Imagine or Coco Bongo to get a little wilder!

Popular with the locals any night of the week, El Kan is a great midweek stop to have a beer with islanders, and experience truly authentic Dominican nightlife. Ladies have two choices for midweek celebrations, including a Ladies’ Night at Jewel Disco Club, as well as Girls’ Night out at Legacy Disco.

Leading into the weekend, Punta Cana nightlife gets even hotter. No matter where you end up, you’ll want to start moving to the rhythms that make up the soundtrack to Dominican parties. Try Imagine, Bavaro’s famous nightclub build into a cave, or check out a wild Industry Night at Jewel Disco Club.

Fridays are prime for bar hopping, so prepare to let your tour guide lead you all around the city to the best parties and clubs. Newly opened and wildly popular, Legacy Disco is a must-experience stop on any nightlife tour, and Kviar Show Disco & Casino is legendary for weekend craziness. Don’t forget Turn Up Fridays at Jewel Disco Club as one of your late-night stops.

Keeping it cool on a Saturday starts with El Kan Drinks House, a unique bar/liquor store that makes a perfect first stop. Grab a drink – that’s right, it’s BOOZE TAKEOUT! – on your way to Coco Bongo, where talented acrobats, dancers, and actors will entertain you into the wee hours. A few more great Saturday night options are Latin Night at Legacy Disco, and Saturday Night Live at Jewel Disco Club.

Wake up in the gorgeous Dominican Republic, and fall into Las Vegas in the evening at ORO Nightclub. Breath-taking and spectacular in all the right ways, this mega-club is a world class venue you can’t miss out on. If you’re in the mood for a second stop, you’ll want to check out Set It Off Sundays at Jewel Disco Club.

Blue Ice Piano Bar has sexy, but laid-back vibes on Monday nights. Enjoy the company of great service staff, who will make you want to hang out by the bar!

Tuesdays will find you at Ocean World for a full evening of entertainment and activities. You’ll want to enjoy dinner and endless rum punches with a dinner show at the Bravissimo show. Whimsical costumes and amazing performances will bring you to the heart of island culture!

Wednesday Karaoke Nights at Lighthouse Lounge & Disco!

Thursdays are prime for the gentlemen in your group, but just as wild for the ladies! Kviar Show Disco & Casino revs up the weekday party with “Strippers Night.” For something a little slower paced, but no less sexy, head to Lax Ojo Cabarete for Latin Night.

Fridays are filled with options! Lighthouse Lounge & Disco hosts a ladies night, and the Tropical Bar has amazing karaoke. If you’re looking for live entertainment, you’ll want to make your way to Big Lee’s Beach Bar. Find your favorite spot, or try them all!

Kviar Show & Disco hosts Hot Saturdays, or find live music hosted at Stragos. Choose the Lighthouse Lounge & Disco for a party you’ll never forget. Looking for a more relaxing and luxurious Saturday night? Head to Leaf Cabarete for some evening pampering.

Start your Sunday off at Casino Playa Chiquita for some Caribbean Poker, then catch an incredible light show and pounding music that will draw you into the Ice Nightclub, where the drinks flow freely, and there’s always a good time to be had. Always packed, this is a venue any local would bring you to for a good time. Head there early for merengue, salsa, and bachata tunes, but be prepared for things to get a little heavier later on with Spanish rap and reggaeton tracks you can really get down to.

Karaoke night at Chi-Chi piano bar is unlike any other karaoke you’ve tried. Sing along to a live piano tune played by a pianist that will wow you with talent. They know all the popular karaoke songs at Chi-Chi, but you might be treated to some local songs you’ve never heard before!

Tuesdays in Las Terrenas are for dancing, and there’s no better place than La Bodega to get down on the dance floor, Dominican-style. Professional dance instructors from across Las Terrenas head to La Bodega to show you how to salsa, bachata, and merengue all night long. After this, you’ll need to plan a second nightlife tour for the weekend so you can show off all your new moves!

This is the perfect night to head to the quirky and wonderful El Mosquito Art Bar. Sip on savory cocktails while you take in the huge variety of music and entertainment.

Thursdays take you back in time at Babylon Disco, where they host an 80’s Retro Party Night that will bring you back in time. This is one of Las Terrenas premiere nightclub destinations, and their parties are totally epic, so don’t miss out on this one!

Ladies night comes to Cielito Disco Bar on Fridays, where the vibe is perfect for dancing and drinking without a care in the world. And of course, be sure to top off your night with a stop at the Mercado de la Noche, which runs all night in the Las Terrenas streets!

Replay Glam Club is another hot Saturday night destination. Ask your nightlife tour guide which themed events they’re hosting so you can be sure to come prepared!

Mercado de la Noche is the bright star of Sunday nights in Las Terrenas. Wrapping up the weekend with a street market and amazing on-the-spot entertainment, this is one of the main draws in Las Terrenas after dark!