Puerto Plata Nightlife Tours

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic truly comes to life after the sun goes down. Lively Latin rhythms and Las Vegas-style entertainment mingle to make this a must-stop for anyone looking for Puerto Plata Nightlife Excursion. Merengue is the soundtrack for North Coast Nightlife, with a subtle but energetic blend of African and Caribbean origins.  Feeling lucky? With a range of casinos and games to try your hand at, this is the perfect place to test your luck. While authentic hangouts abound, those seeking a more Western-style experience can easily find Puerto Plata, Cabarete and Sosua Night Clubs offering live entertainment and dancing with a familiar flair. The official flavors of the night are refreshing Presidente beer and exotic rum, which will have your hips moving to the beat in no time!

At the Lighthouse Lounge & Disco, you will be completely stunned by the location of this incredible lounge. You’ll want to include the Ocean World complex in your Puerto Plata Excursion where you’ll be treated to a complete 360-degree ocean view that can’t be matched anywhere else. Open nearly 24 hours from Wednesday to Saturday each night comes with an exclusive theme and great specials. Get the females in your group together on Fridays for their wild ladies’ night celebrations.

Bravissimo is another world-class Ocean World attraction, this Las Vegas-style dance show has a distinctly tropical flair that will entice and excite you. The islands come to life in live performances with extravagant costumes, music, dance, and performances. Dinner and show packages include a full night of entertainment and unlimited rum punch! How can you go wrong with this venue included in your Puerto Plata Nightlife Tour?

This incredible four-story building overlooks the beautiful marina. Aquatically themed and set against a gorgeous tropical background, the Ocean World Casino is all about five-star entertainment and blockbuster-style and a great inclusion for your Puerto Plata Party.
Big Lee’s Beach Bar, where you can relax and lay back under beachside almond trees while sipping a cocktail and listening to laid-back classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Spectacular views, ice-cold beer, and a lounge-worthy atmosphere will have you relaxed and ready before a wild night of bar-hopping on your Puerto Plata Nightlife Tour. Or, stay all night long on Fridays for an awesome live music show, or Thursdays for an amazing laid-back karaoke experience.

Kviar Show Disco & Casino is a Vegas-style casino, bar, and club is an all-in-one Caribbean experience that will have you feeling like a rock star. Trendy and glamorous, this place is the perfect mix of Western and Caribbean influences, a wildly popular entertainment venue and a great place for your Puerto Plata Bachelor or Bachelorette Party.

Clubber Dance Club is previously known as “Coco Bongo”, this bar draws in all the late-night partiers who want to live on the edge and get wild well after dark. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 80s, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this hopping Puerto Plata Dance Club. An incredible mix of tunes ranging from merengue to hip-hop.

Lust After work has been recently remodeled with style at the forefront of their design, this trendy club attracts a youthful crowd looking to satiate their finer tastes. A variety of original and hand-crafted cocktail, shots, and martinis are served in an outdoor lounge bar that features live bands and DJs. Cozy and intimate, this is the perfect place to include in your Puerto Plata Nightlife Excursion.

The Happy Hippo is a free-spirited Puerto Plata Nightlife experience that is captivatingly artistic, and just a little bit “out there”. Specialty imported beers, karaoke and other varied live entertainment, and a huge selection of musical stylings make this an ever-changing bar that never gets boring. The owner, Hill Van Gogh, is related to the famous artist of the same last name.

You will want to include the Tropical Bar in your Puerto Plata Nightlife Tour.  This Bar has been implanted straight into a tropical paradise, popular with Europeans, Westerners, and locals alike. Cozy comfort, impeccable service, and beach-side vibes make this place a completely chill hangout post-beach. Kick back with a Belgian beer, try your hand at karaoke, catch a game on the TVs, and get your lounge on after a busy day of Dominican activities!

From welcoming staff, to chill tunes and amazing ocean views, Vena Beach Bar is all you can ask for a great night out on your Puerto Plata Nightlife Excursion. Karaoke will keep you on your toes, but it’s easy to just sit back and relax.

Cristal Nightclub is an elite Puerto Plata gentlemen’s club offers a sultry Latin American experience with a touch of class. From the beautiful hostesses to the talented exotic dancers, and all the throbbing Latin music you can handle, this is the perfect way to turn up the heat on your Puerto Plata Bachelor or Bachelorette Party.

An incredible light show and pounding music will draw you into the Ice Nightclub, where the drinks flow freely, and there’s always a good time to be had. Always packed, this is a venue you must include in your Puerto Plata Nightlife Tour. Head there early for merengue, salsa, and bachata tunes, but be prepared for things to get a little heavier later on with Spanish Rap and Reggaeton tracks you can really get down to.


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