Punta Cana Nightlife Tours

Punta Cana is a world-renowned destination and the most popular vacation oasis among the tropical islands of the Caribbean. It’s not only the gorgeous sunshine-kissed beaches that will draw you in, though; the starry Punta Cana Nightlife here is so spectacular and varied, you won’t want to risk missing out on an incredible night by staying in your resort.

From mid-afternoon to early morning, there’s always something new to experience, and a variety of flavors to sample. Make a list, because you’re going to want to hit as many of these incredible Punta Cana Nightclub destinations as you can! Or better yet, feel free to ask your tour guide to take you on a complete one-of-a-kind Punta Cana Tour tailored to the night of the week.

Kviar Show Disco & Casinos on the Punta Cana Party scene is wildly popular with locals and visitors alike. The Punta Cana installation is all about the glamour and shine of Caribbean entertainment, blended with just enough Western influence to make tourists feel at home. Casino players drink for free, while the more restless among your group can head to the adjacent dance floor to get down to thrumming bass beats.

At Imagine Punta Cana, fantasy becomes reality in this incredible Punta Cana Dance Club. A natural wonder in itself, this place truly brings you to the edge of your wildest imaginings. The outer façade of a medieval castle is only one aspect – the whole bar is built right into a series of 100% natural caves. Each of the four caves has its own theme catering to a range of tastes and is  unlike any other bar in Punta Cana or the entire Caribbean!

Coco Bongo in Punta Cana is hailed as a definite favorite among thousands of travellers for their Punta Cana Excursion. This is not just a bar, but a complete video, audio, and visual production that will have you totally lost in the moment. Shows and performances range from concerts, to dancers, to Cirque de Soleil style performers, each shocking you with incredible talent and stage presence. Described by CNN as “Las Vegas nightlife put to shame,” Coco Bongo is a must-stop on any Punta Cana Tour. 

To find the most authentic and locally-visited Punta Cana Nightlife, look no further than Drink Point in Punta Cana. Packed and throbbing with locals and tourists alike every night of the week, Drink Point is always ready to start the Punta Cana Party. Be prepared to learn the local dance moves, because Caribbean and Latin music is first-up on the playlist, and the locals are always up to show you the moves!

Oro Nightclub is inspired by mega-nightclubs in Miami and Las Vegas, this wickedly popular Punta Cana Nightclub and lounge is ranked as the top nightclub in the Dominican Republic. The vibrant Caribbean gem is not to be missed for an amazing Punta Cana Party vibe, incredible productions and shows, and dazzling tech and sound systems. Come here to be completely blown away!

Blue Light Nightclub, named the number one adult entertainment hotspot on the Punta Cana Nightlife scene, this Dominican-style gentlemen’s club is ready to seriously turn up the heat on your Caribbean vacation. Perfect for Punta Cana Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties and wild nights out, there’s no place like Blue Light to get sultry and spicy in the Caribbean.

Lights, camera, ACTION! This Punta Cana Nightclub’s sultry vibe is the perfect place to dance, drink, and snap selfies all night long. Fabulous lighting, incredible selections of liquor, and a huge dance floor will make Genesis Nightclub the highlight of your night! Be sure to ask your Punta Cana Nightlife Tour guide which events they have, because a Genesis themed party is a party you need to jump into!

If an exclusive VIP experience is what you’re after for your Punta Cana Excursion, Legacy Disco should be your first Punta Cana Tour stop. With 15 elegant VIP sections, 5 “VIP Plus” you’ll feel like a celebrity from the second you walk in, to the second you walk out. Four resident DJs spin bass-pounding tracks all night long – that is, if you’re not treated to a live celebrity performance.

You haven’t experienced luxurious Punta Cana Nightlife until you’ve been to Pearl Beach Club. Exclusive and high-end, this club features a sushi bar, Jacuzzis, hammocks laid back under palm trees, and sumptuous Bali beds fit for royalty. Spa-like pampering is part of the drink service here, and you can stay well into the night for a VIP Punta Cana Party experience with an “ahhh” factor you may never find again anywhere else.

If size matters, the Hard Rock Café & Casino is the place to be. The largest Punta Cana Nightlife venue in the Dominican Republic, this lavish and modern casino flaunts 386 video slots and gaming machines, including all the latest games.  This rock n’ roll-themed spot has a stage, outdoor patio, and memorabilia “Rock Shop” so you can take home some unique gear and souvenirs from the night.


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