Varadero Nightlife Tours

This is by far the most popular destination in Cuba for travelers. Cuba is famous for its stunning beaches and Varadero is considered its crown jewel.  The area’s sandy beaches and turquoise waters are something most of the city’s all-inclusive resorts have in common. Whether they offer beachside rooms or luxurious five-star accommodations, they all benefit from scenic Caribbean views and propose a wide variety of activities and fun-filled excursions.  Varadero Nightlife is geared primarily towards visitors and vacationers, but most clubs welcome a diverse clientele consisting of both Cubans and international travelers. Bar-hopping may be hard to do on your own since Varadero Nightlife establishments tend to be quite spread out along the narrow peninsula, so let Caribbean Dreams take you on a Varadero Nightlife Tour and explore the best Varadero has to offer.

Tropicana De Matanzas from its inauguration, this branch of the famous Tropicana has been a great success and is situated only 20 minutes from Varadero.  The entertainment is fabulous and rivals that of the World famous Tropicana in Havana.  The choreography and costumes that resemble the glamour of the 1950’s are not to be missed during your Varadero Nightlife Excursion. This is an amazing place for an evening of entertainment, and you’re sure to be impressed with the display of music, rhythms and dance skills by the incredible entertainers.

Famous for its great music, low prices and is one of the best places for dancing in Varadero, with a great ambiance, Caribbean beats and pop music, including Reggaeton. Palacio de la Rumba is a must-visit during your Varadero Nightlife Tour, especially if you love dancing. This Varadero Nightclub is right next to the beach and Cuban salsa music orchestras play here every weekend.  This longstanding club is, perhaps, one of the best Varadero Dance Club’s for a hot and steamy night out dancing.

La Pachanga Disco is one of the most buzzing Varadero Dance Clubs in the “downtown” area.  With a great ambiance, fabulous drinks and great music.  The perfect option for getting away from the all-inclusive crowds, where you will find a mix of tourists and Cubans alike.

The Mambo club features Cuban and International live music and shows from the 1950’s.  Professional dancers love to teach visitors the movements of their vibrant Cuban dance,  which makes the Mambo Club the perfect place for any Varadero Nightlife Tour.

The Havana Club has been recently renovated and has increased its charm. Its great location, in the very centre of Varadero, gives it the privilege of being one of the best and most visited Varadero Dance Clubs.  This attractive and vibrant club often features a live DJ mixing the best Cuban rhythms. This is one of the city’s most popular Varadero Nightclubs, and you’ll often come across a variety of tourists who are thirsty for Varadero Nightlife.

Havana Cafe creates the atmosphere of 1940’s and 1950’s by featuring live shows and disco music that is very similar to the Habana Cafe in Havana.  The nightly cabaret and review show is top-notch, with a crack band laying down smooth Cuban rhythms. When the show ends, the circular sunken dance floor is one of the more Varadero Dance Clubs. This Varadero Nightclub looks like a 1930’s style ballroom featuring a live show followed by disco dancing.

Cuevas Los Pirates is situated inside a natural cave that has been converted into this popular cabaret and disco. Lights create eerie shadows amongst the stalactites. The nightly cabaret show begins around 10:30 pm and has a pronounced Afro-Cuban emphasis. It’s followed by dancing to either a live band or a DJ.  Cueva los Pirates is one of the most impressive Varadero Nightclubs and is highly popular among tourists with its magical atmosphere and modern music.

A lovely open-air space built to re-create the feel of a colonial-era courtyard.  La Comparsita offers a balanced combination between bar, nightclub and cabaret so that guests can enjoy shows and dancing. Here, the live music is the star of the show with rhythms that are mainly Cuban, and the place often fills up with professional dancers. With spacious outdoor areas, a great selection of Latin beats and an incomparable atmosphere this is one of the premier venues for a Varadero Nightlife Excursion.

The Cabaret Continental hosts a variety and musical show and then switches to a disco once the show is over.  Their show is widely recognized as one of the best in town, while the facility itself is one of the largest of its kind in Varadero.  A delicious dinner is served during the spectacular show, then afterwards Cabaret Continental transforms into a cool Varadero Nightclub.

Since 1991, La Bamba discotheque has been known as the place to dance to a variety of sounds including salsa, merengue, danza and disco. Most visitors to Varadero find their way here during their stay. It has a capacity for 500 people and is a great place for your Varadero Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. This Varadero Nightclub is busiest on Friday and Saturday nights, when a clientele of the 20 to 40 year olds fill up the dance floor.

This open-air Varadero Party Venue is a snack bar during the day where you can enjoy one of the most popular snack in Cuba, the ham & cheese sandwich. The atmosphere becomes much more festive after dark with live music going on until midnight and people dancing in the street.  Calle 62 is a place unlike any other, at night part of the road leading up to the establishment is closed off to traffic and gets turned into a lively street dance. The bar is popular with both locals and tourists and hosts live music shows and invites professional dancers to get the crowd going for the night.

Casa De La Musica is an attractive and vibrant Varadero Dance club often features a live DJ mixing the best rhythms and a great club for socializing, having fun and enjoying drinks. This is one of the city’s most popular clubs, and you’ll often come across a variety of tourists who are thirsty for Varadero Nightlife.  One of Varadero’s hottest Dance Clubs, Casa de la Musica is where locals and tourists mingle in the upbeat setting of a modern Varadero Nightlife establishment, with regular on-stage live performances and dancing till the late night hours.

Benny Bar is a little beachfront club was named after the famous Cuban musician and composer Benny More, also known as the Barbarian of Rhythm. Listen to the sounds of the greatest jazz stars and the rhythms of the Cuban traditional music while enjoying your favorite drink.

FM-17 is open 24 hours and they serve popular snacks like hamburgers, ice cream, beer, wine and cocktails, including some the best mojitos in town. They have a large stage and at the Varadero Nightlife comes alive with music from live bands.

At Beatles´s Rock Bar you can enjoy live shows from the best Rock & Roll bands in Cuba. The show usually starts around 9:30 pm and the bands play on a 150 seat outdoor patio. During high season get there early if you want to get a seat on the patio and enjoy one of the best Varadero Parties.

The Sala de la Musica la Marina ia a pleasantly modern venue with white lounge sofas and an upstairs terrace with marina views.  One of the best Varadero Dance Clubs and most attractive venues, with its capacity for 330 spectators.  It hosts a two floor bar disco show, with stage for live concerts where some of the most prestigious Cuban bands and musicians, like Los Van Van, the Buena Vista Social Club orchestra and Buena Fe, play their music. Most nights it’s a disco with a live DJ. On Saturdays it usually has a live band playing Buena Vista Social Club music.

Club Galaxia is a cultural audiovisual project designed to showcase Cuban and International Music.  This Varadero Nightclub has a variety of musical shows and entertainment that together with their extensive cocktail menu makes this the best option for fun in town and a good option for your Varadero Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties.


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